3 Tips for Choosing Houseplants

It’s highly recommended to have houseplants in your home. Plants use a process called Photosynthesis, which converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. In other words, houseplants provide a continuous supply of fresh air. The key to success with houseplants is choosing the right ones.

Things to have in mind for house plants

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 14.08.071. Sunlight requirements – All houses are not lit the same. Houseplants’ needs range from bright light to almost none at all. If you’re in a townhome with few or no windows, or a basement apartment, you’ll need to stick with low light houseplants. I highly recommend the Peace Lilly for homes or offices with little or no natural light. The Peace Lilly loves the shade and still blooms!

2. Watering – Some plants easily go several days without watering. For example, the Yucca plant prefers to dry out before being watered again. Other plants, like the Peace Lilly, prefer to stay damp. A quick internet search on the plant you’re researching will tell you its watering preferences. Most houseplants are tolerant of whatever you decide to do as long as they are planted in a moisture managing potting soil. I re-pot my plants the same day they are purchased. I find re-potting guarantees the soil will manage water well. I give the plant about an additional inch all around the pot to allow room for growth.

plants for your interior3. Children and Pets – Some houseplants aren’t safe to eat. Better Homes and Gardens A lot of websites offer a list of houseplants that need to be kept away from kids and animals. You can also do an internet search for a specific plant and find out if it’s poisonous. As a general rule, keep all plants out of reach for the plant’s safety. Keeping cats out of plants is practically impossible. If you own a cat, you’ll need to keep poisonous plants out of your home entirely.

Taking into account sunlight requirements, watering needs, and your family composition will go a long way to ensuring your houseplants are a success. Keeping plants up and out of the way will make sure they’re safe. Re-potting will help with water management and give your plant plenty of room to stretch its roots.
Even if you haven’t had success with houseplants in the past, I highly recommend giving them another shot. The benefits are worth the work!

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