Hello friends my name is Gerrard Nils, and one can easily say that I like tearing my house apart just to give it a fresh look every now and then.

My aim is to share the most recent, greatest, classic, timeless and most creative ideas that can be implemented to rejuvenate the look of your home. I hope that by reading my blogs, your mind will have a clearer picture regarding your next home improvement or decorative project.

I love good iced latte and compile many of my home tours from the quirky coffee shops I have discovered throughout the city.

I believe that interior design portrays more than just a style preference when it is done well; it has the capability to tell more about you and how you express yourself through it.

My favourite homes are those with an eclectic fusion of vintage and colourful accessories. When I am not pursuing my passion for interiors with I works as a Senior Art Director at an ad agency which adds to my ability to generate innovative ideas for my readers. I write about ways to bring affordable style to your home, the focus here is invigorating interior design, smart home improvement, and creative DIY projects.

Whenever I transform a space or create something new I always share my tips and tricks with my readers as I want you to benefit from everything that I benefit from. For more unique, recent and elegant ideas keep on reading my blogs and if you have any suggestions or queries feel free to contact me.


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