How to Decorate The Right Way With Color

Interior decoration made right

If you have just moved into your new home, or you want to add some character to your house, you may have considered adding a bright colour or two to your living space. It can be intimidating but do no worry. There are some practical tips you can use to ensure that the colour you add to your home decor is warm, inviting and visually appealing.

use the right palet of colours

Decorate In Percentages

Follow the 60-30-10 rule when it comes to colour. Sixty percent of the room should be in the dominant colour you’ve chosen. Select a neutral shade that isn’t too dark or too bright. Thirty percent of the room can be decorated in an accent colour that is bolder than the dominant colour in the chamber. The remaining 10 percent is reserved for you to choose a vibrant shade that is sure to get your attention as soon as you walk into the room. For instance, if you want to decorate in shades of tan and light brown, your secondary colour can be a shade of medium pink or dusty rose. Finish the room with accents of gold or bright bronze for a decorative scheme that is both sophisticated and modern.

Add Black

make sure you pick the right colourMost interior decorators will tell you that if you add an element of black to the room, it will make all the rest of the colours in the room stand out. If you’ve chosen white or grey as the primary colour in the living room, add a furniture piece or curtains in black to make the area more attractive. If you’ve selected bright colours or earth tones for a bedroom, a dark area rug can make the other colours in the room much more noticeable.

Consider Mother Nature

Finally, consider the colours of nature when decorating your home. The darker colours in your decorative scheme should go at the bottom of the room. Medium colours should be the central focus of the space, and light colours go at the top of the room. Choose dark coloured wood for the floors, earth tones for the walls, and pastels for the panelling and window treatments. This colour treatment works for virtually any room of the home.

These colour tips can help you find the decorative style that works for you, and makes any area of your home one of a kind.

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