The essential benefits of installing fly screen security doors.


As the name implies, a fly screen is a door-sized screen created from black mesh material to keep flies and other insects as well as intruders at bay.

While retractable fly screens were initially designed for this sole purpose, they have grown to become vital home security assets and nowadays, most homes fitted with fly screens have an edge.

For instance, snatch and run thieves stand no chance in homes with fly screens as getting past them hurriedly is not quite that simple. The bottom line here is, you want your home fitted with these essential security screens and for a good reason.

Why having your home equipped with Fly Screens?

It is worth noting that fly screens are designed using heavy-duty materials and hence, work great at enhancing the safety and security of your family.

The best part, though, is they can be fitted virtually anywhere regardless of whether you need them inside or out – to demarcate specific areas where your kids aren’t allowed.

Besides their security benefits, fly screens deliver sufficient natural light and fresh air inside the house; beneficial during summer. That aside, here are some of the advantages pegged to installing the screens at home.


#1. Security and safety – as stated earlier, the security provided by fly screens is the top most benefit. In a nutshell, the essential blockades are designed using sturdy, durable and incredibly reliable materials meaning even if a burglar was to get by the first door, he/she would have to deal with the tamper-proof screen next; which is no mean feat to achieve.

#2. Insect and pest protection – fly screens were principally designed to lock out flies and insects from accessing your home when you need to let in some breeze during hot summer afternoons. The mesh material works great at letting in some light and fresh air and while at it, keeping the unwanted insects outside.

#3. Demarcation – you may have some areas within your property or perhaps, inside the house, that you don’t want your kids to access without supervision such as the swimming pool. By installing fly screens in such areas, you can rest assured that the kids are well safeguarded. The safety of children is indeed of paramount importance to any parent and hence, in your best interest to invest in these screens for such areas.

In a nutshell, the highlighted benefits above just go to pinpoint why these screens have become popular fixtures in many homes nowadays.

They come in a wide variety of sizes, design and more importantly, materials. In fact, you can have your fly screen customised to the specific features that fit your needs. For instance, you can have a fibreglass fly screen security door if you need a polished and high-end screen to complement your property.

On the other hand, you can invest in a stainless steel fly screen if security ranks high on your list of priorities.

The material is not only highly durable but very effective at keeping unwanted guests out – insects and burglars. You can also opt for aluminum-last fly screen security doors or pet mesh screens; the choice is ultimately yours depending on your preferences.

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