Gutter Repair and Replacement 101

a gutter mesh system

A proper functioning gutter system is critical for the safe removal of water from your home and roof to avoid damage. Gutters systems can last for many years, but that doesn’t mean they will never need repairs.

How will you know whether you need to repair or replace your gutters?

The extent of the damage is the main factor in determining whether you need a gutter renovation or replacement.
It is normally easy to fix one or two trouble spots, however, if multiple sections of your gutters give you problems after always trying to repair them, and the same problem keeps coming back; that is a clear indication that you need to repair your gutters and call a Gutter replacement company

Causes of gutter damage and how to fix them


leaks from your guttersGutters usually get clogged with debris that is build up from natural materials like leaves or unnatural materials like bird droppings. In case you notice water marks under the gutters or pooling water near your foundation, the drains are probably overflowing and need to be cleaned out. It also means that the downspout may also be blocked.


Gutters can lean down or pull away from the house due to a broken hanger or spike. They may also sag because of the excessive weight from debris, ice expansion over the winter or from undue stress such as leaning a ladder on the gutters.

At this point, you are required to act quickly to avoid the rotting of the fascia board and total gutter collapse. Be aware of energy efficient roofs

Fixing of sagging gutters

Get up on a ladder and view down the length of the gutter. You need to inspect the problem area then replace the broken hardware as necessary. Use a screw-in spike instead of a hammer to help with spike holes that have become worn or loose. In case, you find out that there is a permanent warping, it is important to replace that section of gutter depending on the extent of the damage.


hire the right contractorIn case, the gutters are not blocked but water is still escaping through them, and then it means they have a leak.

Leaks in most cases open at the joints between sections of the gutter and can simply be resealed. Sometimes leaks can develop through a crack in the gutters due to corrosion or any other damage.

Fixing leaky gutters

You are required to seal the leaks in the gutter joints and small holes using a sealant applied from the inside gutter. If the holes are large, repair them with a gutter patch kit or a scrap of metal flashing glued down with a sealant.

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