How To Spot A Bad Locksmith


Unfortunately, many people find themselves in need of a locksmith at one point in their lives. Whether you can’t find your keys, locked your car door while it was still running, or your kiddo sticks a twig the lock, locksmiths are sometimes necessary to help you with various problems.

Here is a list of things to look out for when choosing a locksmith for your needs. This list should be consulted regardless of how desperate you are at ‘panic time.’

1) Try and find a local locksmith with a local phone number and a brick-and-mortar store. If you call an 800 number, you are likely calling a service that uses various people for labour, and they shouldn’t be trusted. Try and choose someone local with an established reputation.

2) Many states have laws that make locksmiths carry a license. Look up the state you are in and see if that rule is applicable. Ask to see the license if you are in a state that requires it. Also, the locksmith should always ask you for ID to prove you live where you say you do.

3) Be sure to get an estimate before the locksmith comes. Be very wary of a locksmith who charges a high flat rate and only takes cash for services. They are probably illegitimate. Make sure that your locksmith gives you an upfront quote before he does any work, and that you can pay him with check or credit card. Ask about extras, like special pricing if the lock needs to be opened after business hours, or more money if you have a particular type of lock. Try to avoid locksmiths who charge you for several different ‘add-ons.’ Many will do their job for a flat, reasonable rate regardless of time or type of lock.

4) Beware of locksmiths who say that the lock on your door is obsolete and needs to be replaced. It is probably untrue and unnecessary. Some locksmiths will want to scam you and charge you more money for the cost of a new lock. In most cases, a new lock does not have to be put on your door.

5) Don’t let the locksmith drill your lock if you are locked out. Drilling is only needed for high-security locks. If you know you don’t have a high-security lock, don’t let the locksmith talk you into drilling because he says you have one. Any locksmith worth his salt will be able to open your door if you do not have high-security locks. Don’t let him/her upsell into something you don’t need.

The general rule is if you find the locksmith service sketchy, don’t use it. Try and get a local locksmith with a reputation who can give you a substantial bid, and watch out for the things above. Hopefully, you won’t need a locksmith but if you ever do, be sure to keep an eye out for the bad ones.

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