Tips To Make Window Washing Easier

Window cleaning can be a frustrating task. Just when you think you’ve removed all the smudges, the sun shines through a window and exposes one more streak that you overlooked. Windows located high on a wall or an upper level can be particularly challenging.

Here are some window washing tips to make the process easier.

Do Your Own Cleaning Solution

diy-cleanerYou don’t need the expensive bottle of window cleaner advertised as the best. According to the experts, vinegar or a mild dishwashing detergent will work just as well. Various recipes can be found on the internet using such household extras as rubbing alcohol or ammonia. If your water tends to be hard, diluting with distilled water will give the best results.

Get Organized

Simple tools are needed for most windows on ground level. Use an average bucket and sponge with your cleaning solution, a soft bristle brush, and a microfiber cloth or mop to dry. The brush can be used to remove stubborn grime. Start on outer windows first, removing screens and cleaning them with a hose before moving on to the windows. Refresh the cleaning solution when water gets dirty.

Don’t Tackle High Windows Yourself

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do a good job yourself on cathedral ceiling windows or outside windows on upper levels. There are extension rods to tackle them, but the results you get probably won’t be satisfactory.
Save these for the professionals and make an appointment with them to have the windows cleaned once a year, preferably in the spring after your windows have taken their winter beating.

Consider Buying Removable Windows

If you just don’t have the time to wash windows, tilt in windows was made for you. They are manufactured to be easy to detach from the frame at the top and pop out for quick cleaning. Instead of walking the entire circumference of the exterior of your home and then doing the same indoors, you can detach the window and clean both sides at once. The problem of hidden smudges is easier to solve with a quick swipe of cloth from inside your home.

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