Top Five Areas to Inspect before Purchasing a Home


When you’re looking at properties for sale, you will want to not only look at how much you like a particular home, but also what types of things may be wrong with it. While you will likely need to have a professional property inspection performed before purchasing any house, you can often identify problems before you even get to that point. So, whenever you are looking at a potential home to buy, make sure to look at each of these critical areas.

Roof & Gutters

When you find a property for sale that you like, make sure to ask if you can get up on the roof and do a quick inspection. Whenever working with heights, you will want to be extra careful to avoid falling. Looking for loose shingles, cracked shingles, or gaps where shingles are missing can be an indication of a major problem.


get-the-keys-to-your-dream-placeWalk around the outer edge of the house and look closely at the foundation. You can also look at it from the inside by going to the lowest level and walking through the area.


Make sure you take some time to open and close every window in the house. Replacing windows is an expensive job, and if they won’t easily open or close it is a good sign that they are having problems. It is a very simple test that should only take a moment of your time but can be a great show that the home has old windows that need replacement.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Whether you are buying a home in the summer or the winter, make sure you turn on both the furnace and the air conditioner and let it cycle through a couple of times.


Every time you see a toilet, sink, shower or another piece of plumbing, you will want to turn it on and off to see how it works. If you hear loud noises, or it takes a long time for the water to start running, that is a good indication that there is a plumbing problem in the home.


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